Thrilla Krew x Shred Sledz Mowing Foam Tee

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Introducing Thrilla Krew x Shred Sledz: Mowing Foam! The collaboration is a limited edition graphic t-shirt that is a tribute to backyard surfboard shaping. This is the first graphic in Thrilla Krew's legendary history to depict Da Boys -- Thrilla Gorilla, Joe Cool, Primal Pete and the Wave Warriors -- getting their hands dirty in the shaping bay. Trends come and go, but board building will always be the soul of the surf industry and an essential part of the lifestyle we are so lucky to live. Mowing Foam is based on a concept by Tak Kawahara and Steve Nazar, who co-founded Thrilla Krew; and Henry Knapp, the founder of Shred Sledz. It's the same vibe you'd expect from Thrilla Krew, featuring Da Boys up to their usual hijinks. It's also a nod to Tak Kawahara's shaping career. He is a member of the Surfboard Builders Hall of Fame, and he shaped for and alongside some of the all time greats: Con Colburn, Greg Noll, Dewey Weber, Hap Jacobs, Tom Morey and Donald Takayama, just to name a few.

The Mowing Foam graphic is printed on 100% cotton long sleeve tees, and features a Thrilla Krew logo on the front, and the Shred Sledz logo along the right sleeve. The shirts were screenprinted here in California. We only printed up a limited run of these bad boys, so act soon if you want one!