Super Twang by Bryce Fins (9")

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Bryce's displacement hull template, the Super Twang, sold out quickly during the initial Bryce Fins x Shred Sledz run. We're back with a few more Super Twangs, this time available in a stock Volan colorway. See below for the original description.

The Super Twang is a product of incredible serendipity. Bryce’s friend James wrote a note to legendary Liddle rider and Malibu local Esteban Bojorquez, asking for advice on how to make fins for displacement hulls. James and Bryce were shocked when Bojorquez sent back a handwritten note accompanied by the last Volan flex fin he had made, with instructions that basically amounted to “here you go, enjoy.” Bryce took a template off the Bojorquez fin, took it to Larry Allison, and the two continued to make adjustments until they arrived at the design you see here. The Super Twang is the essential displacement hull fin, and it would not be possible without Bojorquez and the foundation he laid. The extended base on the Super Twang is the secret sauce to the all-important flex, allowing the entire fin to flex along the whole length of its spine. The Super Twang creates the magical slingshot feel out of turns that hooks hull devotees for a lifetime. This is the displacement hull fin template.