PG Flex Spoon by Bryce Fins x Shred Sledz (9.75")

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The PG Flex Spoon is a unique longboard fin that’s meant to enable both crisp turns and more time on the nose. As the initials suggest, the PG Flex Spoon was developed in conjunction with Paul Gross. Bryce was riding a few Spoons shaped by Gross and felt like he couldn’t find a fin that allowed him to both noseride and do the kind of carves he had in mind. Add in a dash of influence from the fin Renny Yater designed for his famous Spoon model, and you have the PG Flex Spoon. Foiling these large flex fins by hand is a hard and time consuming process, but the payoff is worth it and then some. The end result is a hefty, miniature sculpture that has to be held (and surfed!) to fully appreciate.