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As any surfer knows, fins are a critical component to a board's performance. Swapping out the fin or even just tweaking its placement can turn a mediocre board into a magic sled that sings beneath your feet.

The problem, as we have all experienced, is that adjusting fins in a traditional fin box can be a huge pain in the ass. And who has time to scrounge around for a screwdriver when the waves or firing, or even worse, when you only have a limited time window to get in the ocean?

The Finjak is an incredibly easy and tool free way of inserting and removing fins from a standard fin box. The Finjak's patented design allows you to insert and remove fins in seconds -- without using any tools!

Making it easier to remove fins adds a whole new layer of convenience to your life. You no longer have to worry about unwieldy fins getting in the way when you store or move boards. The ability to instantaneously remove and insert fins is a total game changer.

Once you use the Finjak you won't ever go back to having to go through the pain of dealing with stripped screws, missing plates and all the irritating little hassles you've come to expect from swapping out fins on your boards.

The Finjak is made from durable plastic and it's available in three classic, stunning colors: Black Sand, White Sand and Rincon Blue.