Downing by Bryce Fins (8.75")

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The Bryce Fins Downing is, as the name suggests, originally based George Downing design. This is another versatile template that can be used in a variety of boards and conditions. Venerable San Diego fin company Fins Unlimited originally released a Downing designed fin sometime in the 70s. Bryce and friend / collaborator Terry Topanga first came across an original Fins Unlimited Downing fin attached to a 70s G&S egg. Bryce and Terry then set about modifying the fin for their own purposes, enlarging the template slightly, and most importantly, introducing much more flex throughout. These fins, like all of Bryce's other offerings, are foiled by hand in order to enhance performance and add drive and responsiveness to your board. The end result is the Bryce Fins Downing. This template owes its history to not just George Downing but Gordon & Smith’s revolutionary, user friendly eggs from the 70s, which were made specifically for surfing conditions in California and are still relevant today. Available in 8.75” and a special white on white colorway.